Terms & Conditions of Use


This Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms” or “ToS”) refer to terms and conditions that are applicable to the use, access, rights, and privileges relating to the services, products, and facilities of 500 Chow (in which the context so admits shall include its legal representatives, successors-in-title and assigns).

Readers/Users of these Terms and Conditions of Use are hereby warned to desist from further use, access or attempts to benefit from the services, products, and/or facilities provided by 500 Chow or its partners with respect to 500 Chow’s services if they do not agree to be bound by ALL the Terms and Conditions of Use herein set forth.

It is important for users to read, understand, and accept all the terms in this “Terms” before attempting to use, use or accessing any of 500 Chow’s services. Upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as set forth in this document, the User becomes a customer (“Customer”) of 500 Chow.


2.1. For all intents and official purposes, the Partners who have together formed 500 Chow retain the legal responsibility and acts in the official capacity for 500 Chow and this “Terms” shall be binding on 500 Chow as if same was entered into with the Partners.

2.2. 500 Chow may be referred to in these Terms and other official documents using personal pronouns such as “our”, “ours”, “we” or “us”. The Customer may also be referred to by using personal pronouns such as “you”, “your”, “yours”, “reader(s)”, “user(s)”, “he/she” in this Terms. 500 Chow and the Customer may be referred to as “parties” or “both parties”.

2.3. Upon acceptance, these Terms and Conditions of Use will crystallize into a legally binding contract capable of being enforced by and against any of the parties, their legal representatives, heirs (if any), assigns, executors (if any), agent(s) (if any) and successors-in-title. This “Terms” will also determine the rights and privileges of both parties and serve as a reference in the event of dispute between parties.

2.4. This “Terms” may reference, incorporate or corroborate other official documents of 500 Chow and the user is encouraged to carefully and thoroughly read and also agree with the privacy policy, warranties, and every other official document connected to this “Terms” in order to fully understand the extent of its provisions before the use or access of the services of 500 Chow. However, professional advice may be sought if the user has conflicting interests with this “Terms”.

2.5. Different Terms and Conditions of Use may apply to some of the services rendered by 500 Chow. It is expected that the Customer will read, understand, and accept all the Terms and Conditions of Use relating to a particular service before proceeding to access such particular service.

2.6. All official communications, legal documents, and correspondence of 500 Chow shall be in English Language. While 500 Chow may translate to other languages, 500 Chow shall bear no responsibility of inaccuracy or discrepancy in translation. Customers are hereby advised to seek professional translation to guarantee the accuracy of translation when using information supplied by 500 Chow. It is stated that only the English Language version of information, documents or correspondence shall be the acceptable basis for any legal action.

2.7. DISCLAIMER. All information supplied by 500 Chow via the website, email, documents and/or communication to the Customer are only for general information and do not constitute advice that may be relied upon for making decisions. They may not also be regarded as unsolicited promotions.

500 Chow’s website is (“Official Website”).

500 Chow’s email is [email protected] (“Official Email”). All correspondence to 500 Chow may be directed to the Official Email.


3.1. This “Terms” shall serve as a contract that is legally binding between 500 Chow and the Customer on the use and access to 500 Chow’s products and services. This “Terms” shall bind both parties upon initial exchange of action.

3.2. This “Terms” shall be applicable to all the meal delivery services and products made available by 500 Chow and shall stipulate what activities and acts are prohibited or permitted by 500 Chow.

3.3. This “Terms” will provide descriptions of service and definitions of phrases, words, and terms which are engaged in the exchange between 500 Chow and the Customer.

3.4. Accounts held by Customers with 500 Chow will be regulated by this “Terms” and all procedures and conditions regarding the creation, modification and termination of such accounts are contained in this “Terms”. The Terms shall become applicable once a user registers an account with 500 Chow.